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Learnings from EDS111: Principles of Teaching

The learning from this course enhanced my knowledge about the teaching profession. I am probably one of the students in this course who have appreciated the theories very much. My background is pure mathematics and during the early years of … Continue reading

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Is it Really Creativity?

I personally believe that we are a creative people. Our numerous wins in World Championship of Performing Arts and many other competitions in the arts, particularly in music and dance, show how much of an artist we are as a … Continue reading

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On the Continuous Learning of Teachers

by Guillermo Bautista Jr. You probably hear phrases like “continuous learning” and “lifelong learning” in teacher discussions, conferences, or trainings, but it does not actually happen in reality (at least in mathematics). In almost every teacher training in mathematics that … Continue reading

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Activity 4 Part 2

by Guillermo Bautista Jr Hi everyone. Here’s my answer for Activity 4 Part 2. I hope you enjoy. a. How would you describe your teaching perspectives prior to your reading of the module resources? How would you compare your prior … Continue reading

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TPACK Explained in the Context of Quadratic Functions

by Guillermo Bautista Jr.  In this post, I am going to use quadratic functions as a context to explain TPACK. The purpose of this post is to clarify ideas about the relationships among content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, technology knowledge and … Continue reading

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What is a professional teacher for me?

by Guillermo Bautista Jr. I took note of my view of teacher professionalism before reading Module 2. Below was what I wrote about my view of professional teachers. Professional teachers are those who are expert in their field both in … Continue reading

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My realizations about reflection

I have realized a lot of things after reading Module 1. When I did Task 1 Part 1 of Activity 1, I noted my definition of reflection before reading the module. My definition was as follows. Reflection is thinking about … Continue reading

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